For some people, purchasing a property is as straightforward as stating: “I am going to buy a house”. But in our experience, the process is not as simple as looking for and buying a property you like. We have prepared a guide for those interested in purchasing a property in Marbella to ensure that the purchasing process runs as smoothly as possible.

Buying a House in Spain?

The Buying Process

We want to clarify and simplify the legal process while buying property in Marbella, Spain so we decided to do a video seminar with the expertise from our friend and lawyer Amin Khello.

Purchase as a PRIVATE or COMPANY?

Buying as Private VS Company & Mortgage

Find out the difference between buying a property as a private entity or as a company, as well as what does subject to mortgage mean.

Do you need a Lawyer?

Lawyer & Notary

In this episode, you will find out why you should hire a lawyer when buying a property and what to expect at the notary.

Is it SAFE to buy an OFF PLAN property in Spain? And more!

Wealth Tax & NIE Number

In this episode we talk about wealth tax in Nueva Andalucia, buying a property off plan and the NIE number.

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